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Based in the Midcoast area, Walter Lamont has been in the excavation business for 30 years. With many different machines to get the job done right Walter, along with his nephew Ivan Bragg, have completed a portfolio of projects from the ground up, (literally)!


Their experience includes logging and clearing land, preparing house and barn sites, driveways and drainage designs, septic system installations, landscaping, custom rock work design and installments, sea wall installations, and much more. Walter, along with Chris Mercer, have also done many house renovations, built and designed post and beam buildings, jacked up and moved houses and barns, and completed many jobs with custom woodworking and custom made furniture.


WL Excavation has gravel pits and the fill necessary to complete many earth work jobs, excavators, loaders, dump trucks and site trucks to move earth and stone, a full woodworking shop for carpentry projects, and a machine shop to keep things running.



Walter's experience in excavation and construction spans thirty years in the mid-coast region of Maine and more recently in North Carolina. DEP certified with areas of expertise that include aesthetic and structural design, water retention, drainage and ecological impact, Walter also specializes in both timber frame and wood frame construction. 


Ivan's range of excavation experience includes landscaping and hardscaping for both commercial and residential use. These skills work in tandem with his construction background that includes renovations, rehabilitation and new construction. 


Chris has extensive carpentry skills that range from framing work to custom kitchens and baths. Combining his woodworking experience and creative thinking, Chris has a portfolio in fine finish detail evident through the various tile designs, custom cabinets, moldings and counter details that are his craft. 

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